Quiet Industry

Change for Good
As I Say I Do

ALL RECORDINGS: Paydirt (2020)Quiet Industry (2015)Is This Tomorrow (2009)Joyous Porous (2002)Desert Cure (1998)Chasing Grace (1996)Puerto Angel (1994)The Yearly Ears (dig.comp.’94-98) • Coasting Notes (2011 by Three Metre Day)Atlas Travel (2003)

Released June 11, 2015, and featuring vocalis Gregory Hoskins. With Don Rooke, Andrew Downing, John Sheard, Hugh Marsh, Jonathan Goldsmith, Davide DiRenzo, Tara Dunphy, and Nicolas Tjelios.

“The Henrys are the tycoons of a Quiet Industry that produces sublime tapestries and sturdy widgets of the most elusive kind.” – Rootsworld, USA

“Nothing less than a revelation.” fRoots Magazine, UK

“A special strength, intimacy and sense of proportion to this music, along with great inventiveness.” Richard Williams, music journalist, UK

“The band creates a most mesmerizing motif.” No Depression

“Sonic astronauts operating up where the air is thin…These songs are romantic, intimate and full of big thoughts.” Laurie Brown, CBC, Canada

“The Henrys’ new album is a sublime masterpiece… an absolute must.” Moors Magazine, Holland

“Another lovely piece of work from a band known for it.” Exclaim Magazine

CD of the Week on Daily Planet, Radio National, Australian Broadcasting Corporation:
They sound great on casual listening but whole new worlds are revealed when you tune right in.